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End Of Year 2017 Newsletter

5 December 2017

End of year Newsletter T3

Dear Parents,

We have now come to the end of 2017 academic year. It was a year full of events and God gave us His protection and grace. Thank you so much parents and guardians for your unwavering support. May God keep on looking after you and your children the remaining days and next year (2018).

God permitting, we are looking forward to start the process of constructing our new infants’ department. 2018 should be our construction year and in 2019 we will start enrolling for a two-streamed school. Let us pray to God to give us guidance.

Our speech and prize giving day was a success. We say thank you to our corporate world who supported us with so many presents. We also appreciate those parents who, in the course of the year gave their service and extra funds to support the school. Please continue to approach the school and render any service you so wish. Our token of appreciation given is far less than what you have put in. God bless you. To all parents, please register your area of expertise with your child’s class teacher come opening, 9 January next year.

St Martins Convent School

School Fees

As you enjoy your festive season remember to pay your child’s school fees before schools open next year. The office will be closed from 18 December 2017 to 3 January 2018.


For the sake of the incoming students and parents, St. Martin’s Convent uniform is our identity, to keep our standards, learners are expected to come to school well-dressed at all times. Parents please, check the uniforms of your child(ren) before they leave the house in the morning. You will be given a full list from the office.


We have sustained a more disciplined atmosphere so far, this year. There has been a significant improvement in learners’ discipline. We promise to keep counselling and correcting them on unacceptable and unusual behavior, thus producing better Zimbabwean children.


We commend the efforts of our parents for dropping and picking up learners on time as expected always. Our expectations are high, so, we still appeal that more commitment be made, since this forms part of our character development training for St. Martin’s Convent Learners. All Learners are expected to be in school latest by 7:20 am daily. We appeal to parents to please assist the school to entrench punctuality in our children. Remember, lateness to any programme is globally taken as indiscipline.


This is to remind our parents and guardians that some misplaced items are in the Lost and found. Parents are advised to kindly visit the library for identification, confirmation and collection of these items. Please Label your child’s items for easy identification.


We say a very big thank you to God for the St. Martin’s Convent family.

We assure you of our excellent standards on educational best practices. We applaud our learners as well as our staff for their hard work.

Wishing you a pleasant Christmas and a happy new year

God bless us all. 


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